Simona Graham

I am a mature counselor and I am committed to helping you through “one on one” counselling sessions. My experience and education are focused on healing through therapy and I strongly believe that social and family and community support is vital for our wellbeing and healing.


I have completed psychology, special and technical education studies and I specialize in social work and therapies for teenagers.

I am an active member of artistic and sports community of Maitland, student and parent of two strong minded teenagers.



In an environment that is safe and confidential I listen without judgement and help you find ways that will work with your family and company values. 

I am providing a positive perspective and along with it you will be able to motivate yourself to find power and significance.

My main aim is to create a trustful non-judgmental connection which will back you up to enjoy your journey and to be excited about the future.

The therapy relationship will provide the strength to help build your life goals and will give me the pleasure of watching your journey.


Psy PG D, Cert 3 Ed, BE(Hons)