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Anxiety Program

In this 120 minutes class, you will:

Understand the science of anxiety
How does worry affect your body?
How does worry affect your thinking? 
Thinking holes and how they distort reality
Techniques that will help you climb the thinking holes to see the world accurately
Practice techniques you learned

GoZen is a scientifically researched and animated program!

Kids and teens ages 6-15 learn skills of resilience including stress management, anger transformation, adopting growth mindsets, and more using a combination of animated programming as well as printables, worksheets, and stories.

GoZen is a very engaging class where learners will be introduced to appropriate coping skills and exercises.  It will be an open discussion that will incorporate drawing and encourage questions. We will begin with ice-breakers and introductions. 

Each learner can bring an item that they feel represents them or makes them feel more comfortable. I believe the best way for a student to learn is to be able to be comfortable and engaged while learning. In this class, we will discuss what stress is, the difference between dangerous and not dangerous stress as well as coping mechanisms. Children will have the opportunity to practice a coping/grounding activity from the NSW curriculum. They will also have a chance to discuss specifics, if they wish, about what stresses them and any coping mechanisms they may already use.  

plot of the story:

Welcome to the colourful group of characters who all attend school in Fliderdale together! You will learn a lot more about each one of them as you move through this program. Even though you just met them, do you feel like you can relate to any of the characters? Perhaps you get worried about taking tests, just like Nelly does? What about Tomas, who gets nervous about meeting new people – has that ever been you? Maybe you have a pet at home like Mr. Diddlydoo? He really loves his cat, George.

There are 6 modules that we go through in 6 days. At the end of each module, we will complete the practice interactive scenarios and printable worksheets together.  Children will receive a graduation certificate and make friends in an inclusive environment. 

Customer testimonials:

Ever since we have finished the anxiety program I have noticed my daughter stopping to think before she worries too much, and it has helped calm her down. So we give it 2 thumbs up.
Proud Parent

B got on the bus to school today. He hasn’t been on the bus in 3 weeks! I’m not saying he is free from anxiety, but this is huge progress and it’s because of this program. 
Proud Parent

Common Questions

Here are some common questions people ask about the Anxiety programs. However, I believe the best way to get answers to any question is to contact us.

When is this available?

We are all very busy and there are many time slots that may suit your busy schedule. Just log in to our website and book the preferred location.


Booking is available now for classes starting on the 4th of July in Cessnock and the 11th of July in Maitland.

Where is the course available?

These classes are available in the Maitland office and Cessnock Library. Express your interest by email.

Is it available online?

These classes are available online for one hour over 6 days. Express your interest by email.

How long it will take?

I will share with your child some important dot points to guide him on understanding and dealing with anxiety in two hours over the period of 6 days.

How much it will cost?

The full cost for face to face program is $354/child. 

Is this class good for me too?

If you are the main carer of a teenager, a young adult who struggles with growing home tension and is worried about how to deal with society changes, then yes. An ebook is available for adults. Mention Anxiety Program for Adults at login and email your special request.

How do I know that this will work?

If your child is struggling with school, friends and worried about their future, is feeling anxious, you can't understand him, you are worried about his/her future, do you feel your family is suffering because of constant tension, you can't just survive under the same roof anymore, then you should join this program.