Getting to know a significant other...part 3

You might think that is silly and daunting to make a list about your best looking parts but giving it a try can be fun.

Make a table with four headings and four rows like the one below.

In the physical traits box you might like to write “tone deaf” (not attractive if you insist you are the first to line up at karaoke). In the Personality Traits + Attractive box you might write “considerate. In the Lifestyle + Maybe Interesting you could say “loves watching reality shows”. That could also go in the attractive box too. You get the gist of it once you get onto it.

Be transparent and very sincere and you could burn the paper later if you want to keep it secret. Just write what comes first in your mind. Write down an equal number of characteristics on each box.

Some often tend to be very critical on themselves and some see only the good bits. Others don’t consider at all that others might like some of their traits.

Final statement:

The Not Attractive Traits are not important.

If you believe that the Not Attractive parts are worthy, than what you get in life is highly dependable on what you believe is worthy.

Example: Maggie believes she is a diva. She spends all her salary on top quality clothing and beauty products. She also visits the cosmetic surgery and gym. She thinks men only like her exterior. Maggie can’t have a regular date. She is a bit boring, and she didn’t work on her inner self. She only has her looks to offer.

Ask a friend if you are not sure. Be precise and insistent on their brutal honesty. It may hurt to hear that your friends think you are not a good listener but relax and think that they love you as you are. You might like to babysit their teenagers for two weeks as a payment for their sincerity.

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